• 1


    • Introduction
    • MindSET for Recovery Workbook Cover Page
    • MindSET for Recovery Workbook
  • 2

    Developing Self-Awareness

    • Interrupting Negative Thinking Patterns
    • Developing Self-Awareness pt. 1
    • Developing Self-Awareness pt. 2
    • Leveraging Yourself for Continued Growth
  • 3

    Raising Self-Esteem

    • Challenging Negative Core Beliefs
    • Cognitive Restructuring Techniques
    • Understanding Associative Thinking
    • How to Develop Healthy Core Beliefs
    • Hacks for Esteem Building
  • 4

    Building Self-Confidence

    • Building Self-Confidence
    • Goal Setting
    • Minimizing Distractons
    • Generating Momentum

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Whether you've completed my workshop, a treatment program or just looking for recovery support, this interactive coaching group is a safe place to learn and grow. Mirroring groups I facilitate in treatment programs, I integrate mindset, recovery and life skills creating a dynamic group experience. In addition, the camaraderie you'll build with other gay men in recovery will help you stay motivated. Join anytime. Capacity is 16 to protect intimacy.



MindSET for Recovery Gay Men's Group 

7-8:30 pm PST FULL


MindSET for Recovery Gay Men's Group   

7-8:30 pm PST OPEN

About Me

DaMarcus Morton

Certified Recovery Coach

DaMarcus Morton

For almost two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients and programs all over the country. I’ve created program structure for new Treatment facilities and Sober Livings. I’ve consulted with Drug Courts, Community Programs and I’ve even worked on NIDA funded projects with the prestigious think tank, The Rand Corporation. It’s a great career of service. I don’t share this to boast but to highlight how my life is drastically different today because I learned how to recover to a healthy mindset. Growing up in Akron came with many celebrations and many challenges. I was a little boy who grew up in a community and family where addiction was common. My father was a violent alcoholic and not much a part of my life after age six. My mother had enough (alcoholism ended his life when I was nineteen). My mother was young and worked late so my sister and I ended up living with my grandmother. I loved living with my grandmother but my uncle was always there. He was a crack-cocaine addict and my first bully. All my childhood he (and the neighborhood kids) bullied me for being an effeminate kid. We reconciled our relationship a couple of years before he suddenly passed away. He was 5 years clean. There were many good days, but the limiting beliefs I adopted as a result of my early childhood experiences diminished my self-worth and sent me down the wrong path. When I found my right path, I began a diverse and successful career in Social Services and Addiction Counseling. My formal education and keen attention to behavioral patterns eventually lead me to studying mindset and becoming a Recovery Coach. Today, I live my dream coaching gay men to reach beyond their own limiting beliefs so they thrive in recovery. I'm humbled my work has affected the lives of so many people. Here are a few of those people below.

Loree Cohen, Founder, Inneractions Intensive Outpatient Services

"DaMarcus is knowledgeable, insightful, organized. I will continue to refer to him."


"I believe in your workshop and I have already shifted towards change."


“It is hard for me to articulate in words exactly what DaMarcus means to me. For the first time in my life I was able to be open and honest with someone without fear or judgment. At the risk of sounding dramatic I would go as far as to say DaMarcus helped save my life. I will be forever grateful and in debt to the man that helped me grasp my second chance."


"I had a great experience. Thank you so much. Have been implementing the technique, bridging statements."


“DaMarcus has helped me to set attainable goals for myself and then put the actions into place to reach them. Today I am working towards becoming a certified personal trainer, in the process of opening my own business and I am back in school and working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Had it not been for the things DaMarcus has taught me none of this would have been possible!”


“I am grateful to my son’s Coach for being instrumental in helping him make major positive life changes! DaMarcus is a very gifted individual who understood my son’s emotional challenges and the roadblocks that stood in his way. With patience and strength he inspired my son to see his best self and helped him develop the tools he needed to accomplish the goals that DaMarcus helped him to see that he could achieve.